Wednesday Painting Class Session II Spring 2019


What: eight painting class sessions 

When: Starts Wednesday April 3rd ends May 22nd, 2019.

Where: 205 School Street Studios

Time: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Materials: Attendees  must supply their own materials, a material list will be emailed to you once your registration is completed.






  • Materials

    Members are required to supply their own materials


    Portable easel: table model best for this classroom

    Painting surface: gesso board, canvas board, stretched canvas

    Pallete: Reusable, sealable palette. Recommend Masterson’s Airtight Pallete

    Miscellaneous: medium cups (empty cans, etc) water in sealable container such as a water bottle, rags, pencil, charcoal stick, sketch paper

    Brushes: an assortment of at least 4 brushes-Flats, 2, 6 & 10, maybe a 20. Then you can add some small rounds 2, small filberts, etc., later


    Acrylic: (recommend Liquitex, Golden or Winsor & Newton Brands

    4 fl. oz. Liquitex glazing medium,

    4 fl. oz. Liquitex gloss medium

    4.65 fl. oz. Titanium White

    2 fl. oz. Mars Black

    2 fl. oz. cadmium red light

    2 fl. oz. cadmium red medium

    2 fl. oz. cadmium yellow light

    2 fl. oz. Cadmium yellow medium

    2.fl oz. Ultramarine blue

    2 fl. oz. Cerulean blue

    2 fl. oz. Windsor Blue, or Cobalt Blue

    2 fl. oz. Viridian

    2 fl. oz. Hookers Green Deep

    2 fl. oz. Chromium oxide Green

    2 fl. oz. Burnt Umber

    2 fl. oz. Raw Umber

    2 fl. oz. Burnt Sienna

    2 fl. oz. Yellow Ochre or Yellow Oxide

    2 fl. oz. Naples Yellow

    2 fl. oz. Alizarin Crimson

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